19 January, 2014

A new year and a chance to do it right. I will survive & succeed! 2014 Homura & Kyouko


Still Alive

3 June, 2012

It’s been a long time before posts. A lot has happened and it is now 6 months into the year.

I am still working hard and playing hard. I haven’t reached where I want to yet but I haven’t given up yet.

More news to come soon!

BLACK LAGOON’S Reby is Lesby even

17 November, 2006


Reby is a bad-ass girl with a violent past. She is as unlady-like as possible. Her usual attire is a tight black top with jeans cut off at the thigh. She curses, drinks alcohol, fights and smokes. In short, she is the perfect bad girl for a hormonal young male.
However, I have undeniable evidence that Reby has no interest in men and have some clues pointing to who she fancies. This would require the reader to be familiar with Black Lagoon and Mariasama ga Miteru series specifically the anime versions. (Mariasama ga Miteru is sometimes abbreviated as Marimite.) References will be provided at the end of the post.


To show who Reby is really interested in.

Clue#1 ~ Reby’s relationship with Eda


They drink together and have girl-talks[1]. Although they have been together before, this scene makes the first time they have been alone together, just the two of them. Eda even checks her sexual orientation by asking about her and Rock! When discovered that Reby and Rock are not a couple, this leaves the two of them alone in a hot and steamy church. Things might have went further but they were interrupted by the fugitive forger and subsequently Mister Elvis.

Clue#2 ~ Her previous reincarnation


Reby says “Gokigen” to Dutch when they are on board the torpedo boat[2]. Gokigen is such a classy word from her previous life[3] as Sei. Who? Sei Satou is a lesbian from Marimite who loved a Sister[4,5]! What is the most well-known quote from Marimite? Gokigenyou[6]! Even the official Mariasama ga Miteru website uses this phrase as its domain name.



Reby is les for Sister Eda. Amen.


[1] Black Lagoon Second Barrage Ep#16 Greenback Jane

[2] Black Lagoon Second Barrage Ep#18 Mr. Benny’s Good Fortune

[3] Megumi Toyoguchi, Anime News Network Encyclopedia: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=794

[4] Mariasama ga Miteru Ep#11 白き花びら (White Petals)

[5] Official episode synopsis for Marimite season 1, http://www.gokigenyou.com/2nd/story.htm

[6] Official poster (shown below)



13 November, 2006

Life is about doing things. Doing things defines you. So let’s do it! Do it now!

64 squares

11 November, 2006

Chess BoardChess. ♔♕♖♗♘♙♚♛♜♝♞♟

The game of perfect information.  No hidden traps, no sneakiness. If you play white against an equal opponent, you should win 55% of the time because of the first move advantage.  This is the ultimate intellectual game.
If you want a game  that tests your resolve, play poker.

“Redrum” knife holder

11 November, 2006

Knife holderBest knife holder ever?

I ♥ this knife holder. You can buy it at thinkgeek. A very amusing present and it comes with a set of knives!

Tachikoma Gumi

25 October, 2006

Tachikoma GumiWow.

Tachikoma Gumi!! In various colours and configurations, here they come!

Working Wednesday

18 October, 2006


In the Kyoto University, there is a department called Robo-garage.  It is to ensure that watching all mecha television viewing is not wasted. In fact, these shows are actually inspiration for a new generation of technological enhancements! Woohoo.


5 October, 2006

Vampire Twins Vampire Twins

Axe and BAR LMG-wielding bloodsucking goth loli vampire twincest. Have I got your attention yet?

The oneesama is scary becausethe seiyuu is especially cute and uses a Browming Automatic Rifle with keychains attached to it! Next up, thevampires vs their natural enemy~ the Sister!

Pumpkin Scissors

4 October, 2006

Pumpkin Scissors Pumpkin Scissors

The lastest Gonzo anime about an ex-soldier that helps out a small squadron rescue a town from military bullies who possess a tank. The bad guys have very Nazi Geramy aesthetics while the Pumpkin Scissor squad feels very Russian. It feels very much like aWW2 Russian version of Rurouni Kenshin. Orlando seems like a gentle giant that hides his killer side in a lamp. It even has a Koaru-ish figure in the form of a headstrong Alice who gets a prick of her neck whenever something eventful is about to occur.

The characters are likeable but I didn’t like the fight with the tank. No machine-gun on the tank? Come on. It’s also funny that a radio was not seen in the entire episode but there was a messenger dog.

Verdict: OK first episode, I like the characters and setting but taking a direct hit from a cannon blew away the suspension of disbelief. =P